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Designed for beginner's to electro-sex and the perfect introductory electro-stimulator, the ElectraStim KIX has been created with simplicity in mind. Compact, lightweight and boasting enough power to bring out the best in most of our accessories*, KIX is a fun and functional stimulator with an exciting range of features.

Key Features:

Intensity colour spectrum replaces numerical levels to encourage experimentation by sensation.
Single Output.
5 Play Modes.
Frequency 'Sweep n Keep' Mode.
Seamless transition between intensity levels.
USB Rechargeable – up to 3 hours of play per charge
Cost-effective but feature packed introduction to electro-sex.
2 x conductive pads and all accessory cables included. *We always recommend consulting our Compatibility Table before purchasing accessories.

If you’re a brand new to electro-sex and experimenting for the first time with this unique type of play, you won’t know which stimulation level is right for you. Don’t worry, none of us do at the start!

With KIX, we’ve removed numbers entirely for a simpler experience that’s geared up for anyone just starting their electro-sex journey. Rather than the traditional numerical intensity levels of other stimulators, KIX phases gently through a colour spectrum as you increase or decrease the sensations.

Starting with cooler tones to represent lower intensities and ending in warmer, richer colours at the maximum output, not only does KIX look striking, but encourages you to experiment by feel. Instead of a ‘stepped’ approach to intensity, KIX phases with silky smoothness between levels for a steady progression that’s literally at your fingertips. Up and Down touchpads allow for seamless progression through the levels with a light touch; ideal if you’re looking for a discreet addition to your play.

KIX also has 5 built-in stimulation patterns which includes a unique “Sweep n Keep” mode where the frequency of the stimulation can be modified alongside intensity for a surprisingly large range of sensations.

Boasting a single output that’s perfect for solo or partnered play, the pocket-sized KIX is also USB rechargeable and eco-friendly- lasting for around 3 hours of continuous play*

KIX also comes with a set of conductive pads to let you play right out of the box.

Key Features:

Unique ‘colour-phase’ LED display
Single Output
Touchpad intensity controls 5 pre-programmed patterns
Pocket-sized design with soft-touch finish
USB rechargeable – approx. 3 hours continuous play (depending on intensity)
Pack Contents:­­

KIX Stimulator
Stimulator output cable 2 x self-adhesive electro pads
USB charging cable
Instructions (EN, FR, DE, NL, ES)
Warranty card


Paino185 g (gramma)
Mitat45 × 170 × 90 mm (millimetri)


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